Microbiota Symposium



The Toronto Human Immunology Network


 Decoding the influence of the microbiota on health and disease

 Wednesday May 30, 2012
Room 3153 , Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto
Co-Chairs: Dana Philpott and Ken Croitoru 


1:00             Welcome and introductions (Co-chairs)

1:10              Keynote Speaker: David Relman, Stanford University
                     “Unrest at home: the human microbiome in health and disease”

2:00             Michael Surette, McMaster University
                     “Lower respiratory tract microbiomes across airway diseases.”

2:30-3:00      Nutrition break – Medical Alumni Lounge

3:00             Alberto Martin, University of Toronto
                     “The Gut Microbiota and Colon Cancer”

3:30             David Guttman, University of Toronto
                     “Microbiome dynamics in the cystic fibrosis lung”

4:00             Jayne Danska, Hospital for Sick Children
                     “Sex, genes and bacteria in Type 1 diabetes”

4:30- 5:00     Phil Sherman, Hospital for Sick Children
                       Discussion and wrap up

Keynote speaker costs deferred by an educational grant from Danone

Free Registration is required, go to: http://microbiotasymposium.eventbrite.ca/